Quilting with Alex Anderson 

2017 Retreat

Join us for a few days of quilting fun with Alex and her guest teacher,

Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts

Required skills:  A good sense of humor and the ability to have fun with those who share our passion.



No Frills Early Start: 9/25th at 12 noon - 9/27/18 3:00 PM

Retreat: 9/27/18 3:00 PM - 9/30/18 12 noon


Learn more about Alex Anderson at AlexAndersonQuilts.com

Alex is the author of 30 books in four languages selling over 1 million copies worldwide.  She is the National Spokesperson for BERNINA of America, as well as a designer of fabrics with RJR Fabrics, and Quilters Select (Floriani).  Alex is a founding partner of The Quilt Show.com with Ricky Tims. The Quilt Show is the world’s first full-service interactive online video/web TV created just for quilters worldwide.

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